Case Study of Business Development and Consulting in Sri Lanka

Business Development; Client’s clothing boutique profit increased by 90%

“Biz-Elevator’s business development program helped me bring my business to the next level and introduced me to new and easy ways to reach my business goals. I recommend the Biz-Elevator program for any entrepreneur who wants to have a successful business.”

Founder of Gihan’s Selection, SL


An entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in the garment and fashion industry and owner of a fashion showroom in Sri Lanka.

Overview of the problem

The fashion showroom had high-quality, branded products for competitive prices yet was not as profitable as its owner thought it should be. The client has invested a considerable amount in marketing but has not given the expected result.

Our Solution

We were able to clarify the value proposition segment and assist in identifying the customer segment. Moreover, the Biz-Elevator marketing team developed a better marketing strategy. Based on marketing research, we advised the client to relocate the shop and re-brand and also opened an e-shop.

We also identified weaknesses of the existing point of sale system and developed a better POS for the business. Business development consultation and process took 3 months, and our business development, marketing, and IT teams worked collectively.


  • Profit increased by 90%, 
  • Cost for Marketing reduced by 75%, 
  • Brand awareness improved 
  • 100% accuracy on POS system 
  • Repeat Purchase Rate of the e-shop 93%